Friday, February 28, 2003

i am suffering from a very severe cold and this makes it very difficult to concentrate in any of my work.i was free for most part of the day in the college .the german movie was cancelled yet again and i started to wonder if the movie would ever be screened.tommorow is the all important match between india and pakistan and i hope the indian cricket team pulls off a victory.well i am looking forward to my friend's engagement on march 21st.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

i always seem to reach the class late on thursdays.the flash lab today might be the last for this semester because of a change in the time table.i wanted to finish off all the work that a class representative is supposed to do so that i could concentrate in script writing class but i kept on collecting assignments till the end of the class much to my dismay.i have another interesting assigment ahead of me in this subject.the german class was pretty interesting today and the laughing bug caught me today also as i tried everything that i could to stop laughing.tommorow i might see the german movie.i just heard about my friend's engagement so i better go and congratulate her.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

the day started off with brain storming discussions about the media.then in the english class we were told to identify signs and symbols which was really a boring department is planning to bring out an online magazine and so some students from my class went to attend the meeting and i was one of so happened that all the students who attended the meeting were girls and this made some guys in my class annoyed.this triggered off a fight betweeen the boys themselves for unknown reasons and it made a very ugly lookek very kiddish and went a long way to show that our class lacked unity.hope everything is gonna be fine.then in the afternoon session there was a lecture on group discussion and i hope it's going to be of help when i attend grp. discussions.there is the all important cricket match between england and india and i hope india is going to do its best.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

if you are someone who loves all the sherlock holmes kind of stuff combined with aliens and space ships then you have got watch the know more about it check out x-files
i returned home from college to find a total power cut in my neighbourhood.this had created an unusal silence with no noise from motors or television sets.not knowing what to do , i took a stroll across my appartments and i was surprised to find many of my neighbours too taking a walk down the road.we had a nice chat and it felt really good to be amidst so many people .i then admired the beautiful sunset as the breeze brushed past my was a moment to savour.i stood there and thought about long hours i spend watching television or internet when there are so many better things to do .i made a promise to myself that everyday i would spend some time away from the electronic media and use it to go for a walk down the lane which runs parallel to my appartment.
the day started off with videography class where my proffesor was giving a lot of advices to mould us into better about 12.00 a.m i attended a meeting organised by my seniors to discuss issues regarding a magazine which our department is planning to bring out within a month.various issues were discussed and i along with my friends have taken up a committee which would deal with interviewing famous media personalities.i look forward to start my first assignment in this the afternoonsession i was reminded that i was one of the class representatives and so i took upon the charge of collecting assignment sheets for the script writing script writing proffesor wants everything to be perfect and so i have decided to put in an extra effort in his classes.he gave a rather weird assignment today i.e each one in the class should stand near a tree and should talk to it assuming it's the reincarnation of a dead man/ interesting german class wounded off in what can be called an happening day in the college.

Monday, February 24, 2003

it was not an interesting way to start the week for me after receiving my journalism answer paper.furthermore i didnot write my name and so it was pretty embarassing when i had to collect my paper after my proffesor announced "WHO'S PAPER IS THIS WITHOUT A NAME AND ROLLNO".My english proffesor was kind enough to cancel the classes in the afternoon.i had a good dance practice session where i was jumping around like a 5yr old let loose.then i attended a meeting where plans were laid out to organise a national level seminar in blogging.boy!!! the match between srilanka and kenya !!!.never imagined kenya would win the match.kudos to u guys.this put's the kenyans right at the top of the points table in pool b.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

on a fine sunday morning when i would have loved to have woke up late with a hot cup of coffee and with newspaper in hand i had go to college to attend a unix lab was very boring just to type in commands and write down the outputs.after the class i had a dance practice session and it went off pretty well except for a few hitches.i had a wonderful sleep after coming back from an uneventful day in the the evening i went to temple for attending a special pooja.india is cruising along to a fine victory against namibia and it's very heartening to watch the indian cricket team captain sourav ganguly come back to form.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

i am cashing in on new plans to make the blog much more enjoyable to read.i was gathering some ideas ,so my blog can wear a new look tommorow.this day couldn't have been more hectic.the day kicked off with a lecture from mr.sudhangan jaya tv reporter.his lecture was useful in many ways.then i had to take up an assessment exam in electronics.then there was the practical lab session and with goodluck i was able to finish my experiment.finally there was a unix theory session where a laughing bug caught me on in the class and my proffesor was very annoyed when i showed no signs of stoping it.

Friday, February 21, 2003

i was caught up in a traffic jam in the morning because a car exploded and i just made in time for the principles of jorunalism the videography class we dealt with filters and for the first time i made an effort to listen to his class.i was free for most part of the day.i was supposed to have seen a german movie today but it was cancelled.i have an electronics assessment exam tommorow so i better start preparing for it.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

the script writing exam took place today and my proffesor judged our performance based on a file called script file.his classes are very interesting and breaks the barrier of class room teaching within the four walls.electronics proffesor took futher class on camera tubes.i have the electronics assessment exam on saturday.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

it's a day to savour for me as well as for the indian cricket team.the skit finally took place today and our group was adjudged as the best and we were awarded 19/20.i practiced well in advance with my friend and that made the work lot more easier on stage.i was able to get the flow of the diagloue delivery easily and all the members played their part very well.this just goes onto show hardwork always pays.other teams too had put up a good make the day sweeter the indian cricket team pulled off an excellent victory against zimbabwe.i have got to prepare for the script writing exam which is supposed to be held tommorow.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i got my results today and i am happy about the outcome.i scored 8.893 out of results could have been better but for the electronics lab which was a nightmare.probably a little more effort would have seen be get more than 9.i had an english assessment exam in which i have not performed very well.the best thing to happen today was the videography lab session.we took photos of all the picteresque scenes in and arround my campus.the news is out that the pyra labs have been bought by know furtherinformation check reuters website

Monday, February 17, 2003

i am running a slight temperature probably due to lack of hols and no rest.i got up early today to prepare for exam but i couldnot cocentrate.i was hoping the videography test would be cancelled but unfortunately i had to write the exam.then i had a very tiring dance session which left me puffing and panting.the play still didnot take place ,i just hope it's gonna be over soon.i received my german assessment exam paper and i felt i could have performed better.i scored 17 and a half out of 20.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

imagine my plight,i don't get even holiday on sunday.i had unix lab session.the class wasn't interesting.then we practiced for the skit which is supposed to be enacted out tommorow.then there was the dance practice for my department's culturals.we practiced very hard and by the end of thr practice i would have fallen down in the activity centre itself.i am craky fan of cricket and when india is playing all other important duties don't get my priority.then i happened to read a forward message about cricket in india and my whole perspective of the game changed.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

i practically did nothing but just went about doing some household my disappointment india lost to aussies by a big know more about the game log onto espnstar.i have got to prepare for my videography assessment exam.

Friday, February 14, 2003

check out my college website university
i had a holiday today but i still went to the dance class at 1:30 p.m.initialy we couldnot find any place to practice but then we found a studio room.the room didnot have good ventilation.there were broken plastic pieces found on the floor and one of my friend mohana was unfortunate to land on one of them.we had a good practice session and i started back home at about 4:15 p.m.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

wow what a day it begin with i didnot know if the college would be working today because my college culturals techofes is going on.i didnot have many classes today and i was hanging around in the campus.i then went very early to watch the group dance turned out to be great with so many students dancing and having fun.the dance groups from many colleges took part and they did a wonderful job.i couldn't wait to watch the entire show as it was getting late and i had to return back home.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

i stayed back in the college to watch anbe sivam .it was screened in the open air theatre .i spent most of the time spatting all the mosquitoes which were trying to get a taste of my blood.the film ended at about 11:30 p.m and i went to stay in the hostel with three of my friends.the campus looked so beautiful in the night and i wished i could stay there for the eternity.i was playing cards and listening to westlife songs and went to bed at about 2:00 a.m.then began my greatest battle, the battle with mosquitoes .i couldn't sleep with the unwelcome guest pestering me.i got up at 5:00 and i was chatting with my friend when we both decided to check out the campus.we had a wonderful time exploring the college early morning and these nostalgic times would remain with me forever.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

i got up very early today to prepare for the german assessment the videography class my proffesor taught us various aspects of photography.the script writing class was not very interesting for he gave long notes to write.iam staying back in the college to watch the inaugration of my college culturals "techofes".they are screening anbe sivam movie.hope it's gonna be a lot of fun.

Monday, February 10, 2003

when i went to college today i knew that i had a hectic day ahead of me.i did pretty well in the priciples of jornalism assessment my class was supposed to have presented a skit but since many groups didnot prepare for it ,it has been postpone to 17th of this proffesor was very furious because of not being punctual in submiting assignments so we ended up writing lots and lots of grammar exercise.the videography class was also very boring.i had a good practice of the dance and now i am feeling a lot more fitter.i have to study for the german exam tommorow.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

i could manage to catch only a glimpse of the worldcup ceremony as my eyes dropped off after a very tiring day.i have to go to college on all seven days for this entire semester.i had unix lab session after which i practiced for the dance .i have to do so much work today.lots of assignment to complete.i have an assessment exam tommorow in priciples of journalism.tommorow i have a skit to be enacted out and i hope that it' s going to successful.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

wow the d-day has finally arrived.i am waiting to watch the live telecast of the worldcup opening ceremony.i hope india is going to play to its full potential.i had electronics lab practical exam today.i managed to complete the experiment to my delight and the viva-voce was also not too bad.i had a very good sleep today and now i am feeling rejuvenated.

Friday, February 07, 2003

i had posted a message yesterday and it has not been published.the message is but displayed in the blogger website.tommorow i have my lab practical exam in i finally managed to get my record signed by my proffesor.i had so many free hours today but i dinot do anything constructively. .

Thursday, February 06, 2003

finally i seem to have a hold in my multimedia lab session.i now have a better undestanding of flash.the script writing class was not very interesting.when my proffesor asked me to stand up and read ,i was actually fumbling because i didnot know where exactly i was supposed to continue.hope tommorow is goona be a better day.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

the mock interview session was real fun.i was fired with questions and to an extent i was able to tackle them.i was selected by the board member and i was pleased about that.then came the time when i had to interview two of my friends and it was so funny sitting on a so called stage and asking them a volley of questions.then there was a dance session and i seemed to enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

the script writing class was indeed very interesting.breaking the ground rule of classes being taken in class rooms we ahs an outdoor proffesor asked us to walk bare-footed on the grass and later asked us to write about feeling of grass under our legs.even the language class was very interesting and fun.i have got so many assignments to finish.i have to prepare for the mock interview.
it's turning out to one of the dullest day in the the english class we sent mock applications to learn the process of applying for job.inccidently my resume was selected and i have a mock interview to attend tommorow.i have script writing class in the afternoon hope it's gonna be interesting.the one act play which was scheduled to be held tommorow is cancelled.

Monday, February 03, 2003

it was just another day in the college for nothing special happened the english class we disussed about Mahatma Gandhiji
and also whether his principle of non-voilence will work the afternoon session i had a wonderful time practicing for the one act comedy play "the boy comes home".

Sunday, February 02, 2003

i stayed glued to the television as further events of the terrible tragedy unfolded.kalpana chawla has always been an inspiration to me.she had crossed boundaries and climbed great tasks to reach to such a high position in nasa.she would be the role model to millions of indians girls like me .to me she symbolises the power and courage and shall remain in my heart forever.with tears running down my cheek i write this" KALPANA ,YOU HAVE DONE US PROUD ,YOU HAVE CONQUERED THE STARS AND OUR HEARTS".I WILL LOOK UP AT THE SKY AND THINK OF YOU.
this is a very poignant post that i am typing down.after i saw the news yesterday about the disintegeration of the space shuttle columbia and reports that all the seven crew members died my heart sank and i couldnot think of anything as the news was a big shock.i found it hard to digest the fact that the first indian woman to space "KALPANA CHAWLA" is no more with us.i could also imagine the shock that the people of isreal would have experienced as they witnessed "ILLAN RAMON" first of their kind to go to space not returning back.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

i was really frustrated after coming out of the lab added to that i was felling hungry.i went to the canteen and had a really crispy and tasty ghee roast dosai.i love these ghee roast and i have atleat 4 of it in a think i am a hungry hippo but these dosais are so delicious that you cannot control yourself from having half past one i have a dance selection .then i have to practice for a one act play which has been sceduled to take place on 5/1/2003.
i never seem to get along well with my electronics teacher for i had a small fight in the lab with her.i had a electronics lab session and i was doing an experiment titled "rectifiers".the transformer which i was using didnot function properly and it took such a long time for me to complete it.the entire class despises electronics lab session because nothing works out properly.