Tuesday, February 25, 2003

the day started off with videography class where my proffesor was giving a lot of advices to mould us into better students.at about 12.00 a.m i attended a meeting organised by my seniors to discuss issues regarding a magazine which our department is planning to bring out within a month.various issues were discussed and i along with my friends have taken up a committee which would deal with interviewing famous media personalities.i look forward to start my first assignment in this regard.in the afternoonsession i was reminded that i was one of the class representatives and so i took upon the charge of collecting assignment sheets for the script writing class.my script writing proffesor wants everything to be perfect and so i have decided to put in an extra effort in his classes.he gave a rather weird assignment today i.e each one in the class should stand near a tree and should talk to it assuming it's the reincarnation of a dead man/woman.an interesting german class wounded off in what can be called an happening day in the college.


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