Wednesday, February 12, 2003

i stayed back in the college to watch anbe sivam .it was screened in the open air theatre .i spent most of the time spatting all the mosquitoes which were trying to get a taste of my blood.the film ended at about 11:30 p.m and i went to stay in the hostel with three of my friends.the campus looked so beautiful in the night and i wished i could stay there for the eternity.i was playing cards and listening to westlife songs and went to bed at about 2:00 a.m.then began my greatest battle, the battle with mosquitoes .i couldn't sleep with the unwelcome guest pestering me.i got up at 5:00 and i was chatting with my friend when we both decided to check out the campus.we had a wonderful time exploring the college early morning and these nostalgic times would remain with me forever.


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