Monday, March 31, 2003

nomadic media students
i had this lovely classroom overlooking the beautiful entrance to the main building of the college and then all of a sudden we were made to change the class room to a rather lousy one .the week started with some very good interactions with my principles of journalism teacher which was followed by the english class.just when the class was about to begin , a proffesor of some other department stromed into our make-shift class room and asked us to vacate it .this was a shock for me because of the approach of the professor to the students was uncivilized.i made a sincere effort in the videography class to listen to him patiently inspite of his total divertion from the topic.the english lab class was a dissapointment for it turned out to be a boring session where we palyes a wizardy game.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

garlands for my wonderful performance in videography
the last three days have been hectic without vitually doing nothing.i had to attend three seminar organised by my department and it had taken its toll .my department seems to have forgotten that , we are homo sapiens and not machines.the unix lab session was very interesting with my proff. giving us a task of "checking whether a string is a palindrome or not". i know it's very simple but anyway i took that as a challenge and boy!!!!! i cracked it.i guess , competetion brings out the best in a person .then the embarassement i faced in the videography class because of my horrible performance in the subject.i have to start working on it.i had a wonderful time when my grand parents visitd my house.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

the national panel discussion on blogging
well... do u notice some change in my posting.i have included a heading.this is the effect that the national panel discussion on blogging had on me and the style and nuances of my was a time when bloggers in the city met together and had put up a very good show at muthian auditorium in my college.the panlist who chaired various sessions were oj audit, my mentor kribs,
anit bora and other bloggers from some of the leading publications in the helped me to keep my mind off from some ugly happenings in the department.hope all the problems would be solved and we would proceed more peacefully with studies.

Friday, March 28, 2003

hmmm it is one of those days in my life which i would like to forget . today i heard i bad news that my director was shifted from my dept. to another.the seminar went on without him and my seniors had up a good show.after the seminar there was a meting with all the students from my department.there was absolute chaos with each giving his opinion and never listening to what other's have got to say.the discussion went nowhere and reulted in a big fight between my seniors and few of the guys.i hope everything is going to be solved.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

ooops what a day.the seminar went on really well but at the end of the day everybody looked hagerd.the first spesker of the day was mr. vijay xavier followed by mr.sridhar.various slide shows were displayed making the seminar a hit.more details in the next post.i am beginning to doze off i better get to bed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i missed out on the classes in the morning session to prepare for german asessememt exam.the day went off smoothly ith the completion of second assessment in all the subjects.i went witco and did some shopping along with my mom , sis and a 3yr old friend of mine.tommorow is the seminar on advertisement and i look forward to it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

finally i seem to have completed the second cycle of experiments in electronics lab.the script writing class went on well with my proff. ending up by giving a wierd assignment.for a change i seemed to enjoy my german class thoroughly.tommorow i have to take up an exam in german for which i am preparing now.the most happening thing in my department is the seminar on advertisement to be held on 27th & 28th of this month which is followed by a seminar on blogging!!!!!!!.yep that's right on dept. claims it to be the first of its kind in india.hope evrythin is gonna be successful.

Monday, March 24, 2003

INDIA lost the finals of the world cup against aussies when they failed to chase a mammoth target of 359. initially I was upset about the loss then I thought about the wonderful victories earlier in the league matches and in the super the English class different groups were given different topics to debate group was given the topic “use of animals for experiments “and we were to speak against it.then came the videography assessment which the entire class took up after vain efforts of convincing my proff to postpone the exam.after a long time I went to hotel with my dad,mom and sis.i had a heavy dinner which was followed by chocolate ice-ream in a family pack.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

india cricket team has a big task cut out infront of them.indians have to play the match of their life to reach 360.i hope and hope and still hope that indians can pull out a victory.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

moving away from the war , tommorow is the d-day in the history of modern cricket in india.india takes on aussies.the stakes are high and there is nothing to cheers and prayers to the indian cricket team to bring the cup home after 20 years.
well the simple reason for not bloging testerday " i had the sleep of my life" . to my amazement i slept from 8.00 p.m to 7.00 a.m . my mind was going through so much and kept on asking questions like, who rules us ? the process of birth and death !!!!!!! is it right for one man to decide the death of another and many such questions after repeatedly watching the war in iraq.on both the sides there has been reports of death. is it worth all this loss ? one of my ambitions was to become a war correspondent and to bring out to the world all the "behind the screen sufferings of innocent civillians ". i know i am going to do that in another decade or so . i know i have to work harder to achieve it and i know i am going to really strive hard to reach the goal.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

the semi-final match between india and kenya is on amidst talks of torential rain.whatever duckworth-lewis system or the rain has got to do i want to see indians routing the aussies in the finals.
my prayers are with the great cricketers playing out there.i know they would emerge victorious.
meanwhile as the war goes on and the match moves on i have a life about which i have got to mention
i have to prepare for electronics assessment exam ,the english debate and poj exam.
THE WAR IS ON, FLOODING in my brain with hundreds of question.did the divinity above us give the great united states of america a green signal to go ahead and wage a war against what one would disparagingly call iraq???. in the name of disarmament u.s.a invades the ill fated iraq.wait !!!!!!!!!!1. isn't something wrong somewhere.wasn't it the very same america which dropped an atom bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki.doen't this prove which country is more liable to misuse weapons of mass destruction.i guess bush has so much money in his ministry that he wants to spend a little of it by throwing in a few bombs at afghanistan and a few more at iraq.
ohhhhhhhh god are you watching this.
but i should say this there are some people in iraq who want to see saddam going into exile.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

it sounds funny but this is how it is. president george walker bush giving the iraqi president saddam hussein ultimatum to leave his country.the united nation which is a world governing body has not given any final statement about the weapons of mass destruction after the inspection.but for u.s.a it is a forgone conclusion that ira might be threat to the world.i hope in the process of war the innocent people are spared.for more information on the ensuing war in iraq log on to reuters
today in the college i just had one hour of class and i was free for the rest of the day.yesterday was holi and so as a post holi celeberation i had o much fun in the college throwing colours at my friends. you get back back what you give and so even i got a good bout of the colour powder.i had a good sleep after the sleepless night because of power failure.this just goes a long way to show that we cannot live without electricity.
i was not able to blog yesterday because of power failure in my area.i was sitting infront of the computer hoping power would be restored but to no i would write now as to what happened yesterday in my life , it's too precious to be left the electronics lab i struggled along with few of my friends to complete an expriment titled "intergerator and differntiator".the interesting part of the day came when my script writing proff. screned some of the best advertisemnts of u.s.a and u.k. some of them were very funny and some i didnot understand the meaning.

Monday, March 17, 2003

The very beginning of the week started on a sad note with my principles of journalism proff. Talking about writing about orbituary .the English class was equally boring with my proff. Asking us to describe about an animal then the videography class , I never knew when it started but it was over quickly.the best part of the day was the group discussion on the topic “ education in India or lack of it”. Th g.d was very funny indeed with all the member5s repeating the same point.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

To the surprise of my parents and to my sis I studied my subject in the morning. I prepared for the unix lab session which I found to be very interesting.then I attende my first class in videography proffesor seemed to short of words in explaining the nuances of the end I touched the beta cam for the first time.i found it to be really exhilarating in focusing my friends and seeing them in the small television which shows what we are proffesor told me that my famous dupatta was bouncing yellow light on my face.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

This is a story which happened infront of my house : the tamil nadu govt. decided to constuct storm water drainage in a land where rain is a rare sight. The labourers did not have any idea about the wiring system lying beneath the area they had dug up and this resulted in power shut down in the entire area ,because of poor constuction of the drainage the sewage flow was blocked and now the entire stretch’s going to take quite some time to bring out a proper solution to this and till then my house windows will be shut tight……
Today being a holiday , I had a wonderful time waking up late .my sister had her maths board examination today, so I chipped in some last minute tips for effective ways of presenting the paper.i started to study german but found it to be too boring so I just watched television and didn’t do anything concrete.

Friday, March 14, 2003

INDIA is cruising along to victory against the kiwis in the last super six match for both the is a do or die situation for kiwis to enter the semi-finals.earlier in the game the Indian bowlers continued their fine performance.hope India is going to pull out a convincing victory.
I went along with my friend to t.nagar to collect sponsors for conducting the seminar .only sree Krishna sweets have agreed to help us out by obliging to print invitations for the seminar.we then went to globus , naidu hall , flora , twin brothers , Krishna tulsi , pothys , hayagrivas , chennai silks etc. ……in pothys we were made to wait for quarter of an hour only to be turned off without offering us hospitality I would give sree Krishna sweets rank 1 for they made us comfortable and also offered us sweets.hopefully some one is gonna come forward to help us financially.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

I woke up pretty late and had a yummy breakfast and went to college only at 11 a.m.i had an script writing class where the types of script used in t.v was discussed.this class was followed later by electronics .tommorow is a hol. because of mohrum. I am planning to goto t.nagar to get sponsors.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

There are talks that I may have classes even on Saturdays. hope the department wouldn’t take away the only hol. in the week. my classes were over early and so I along with my friends went to adyar to lookout for sponsors for the seminar conducted by my department.we went from pizza hut to pizza corner to domino’s pizza to odyssey to hotel sangeetha but only few gave back positive replies. earlier in the day the French proff. Fainted in the class . fortunately she felt better and so we helped her way to her house.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

"so near yet so far"
after the start the kiwis got i believed it would put an end to the aussies winning streak but sadly they continue on their excellent run in the world cup.hope india is gonna come good against the aussies when they meet in the finals!!!!!!!!.
I hurried and scurried to reach the electronics lab onlt to find it locked.i used all that I have in my brain to complete the experiment titled “integertor and differentiator”. I wrote my own stories in an assignment where I was supposed to present details on types of script used in television.the script writing class was interesting for we had to write a script for producing a children’s game show.the german class was “sehr gut” and so much fun that I simply loved it.i have to prepare notes for tommorow’s group discussions.

Monday, March 10, 2003

the day started off with p.o.j class where various issues as covered in "dailies" where discussed.then my english proffesor was discussing some topics about body language.then my videography proff. handed out our test papers.i scored 37/50 .then there was a meeting to discuss issues regarding the magazine .it was decided in the meeting that my class would take up the responsibility of collecting sponsors for my department's as a start in our journey to collect sponsors i hopped onto a sweet shop along with my friends only to find that we had to approach the head office which is in another area.then ,the greatest news of the hour "india secures a place in semi-finals".yup, isn't that a great .got to watchn the match on friday between india and newzeland.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

i am not sure why , but after the day i decided to make my blog more interesting , i have made it worse.i guess i have to put in a little more effort to make it more attractive. i started my day by zooming off to college in my serviced two-wheeler.i had a boring lab session where i couldnot crack down simple unix commands.i skipped my dance lessons and went off to a liesure store to get a gift for my friend's brother's wedding. in the evening i attended the reception with few of my school mates.i had a really wonderful dinner and spent some quality time with my schoolmates some of whom i am seeing after a year.hope this is a gonna be a good week.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Finally my department decided to give us a hol. on a Saturday and it feels so good to be in the house and relinquish a yummy lunch prepared by my mom.i did not do anything contructively except for an hour or so where I flipped through my german book . India now has a brighter chance of qualifying for the semi-final after a victory against Kenya.

Friday, March 07, 2003

i reached college huffing and puffing and managed to enter the principles of journalism class just in time.she was discussing about an assignment which we had already videography prof. is back to his usual self which was followed by an rather uninteresting english class.then i stayed on to attend electronics class which was cancelled.then there was b'day celeberations for our dance tutor.i had a rather large slice of cake.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

i managed to write the story for the sober music played in the sound visualisation deals with the effects of electronics and german classes were cancelled today.i have another assignment to be completed in script writing.hope college life can be more interesting.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

it was a rather uneventful day in the the english lab session my class did a role play which dealt with noise pollution.i have to prepare a script for a music and i seem to be in no man's land with no ideas.hope i come up with something and finish it off.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

the day started off with electronics lab and to my amazement my proffesor was in a very good mood today.i did an experiment titled inverting and non-inverting was rather difficult to stand and do an experiment for three hours continously .then i hurried back to complete my script writing assignment.the s.w class was interesting for we discussed about sound proff. played some music bits and asked us the meaning it conveyed.i didnot have a language class today and so i hopped on to the canteen where to my friend's misfortune she had to get me a pack of ruffles lays.

Monday, March 03, 2003

i had principles of journalism and english class after which we were told that all the classes were i along with my friends planned to hang out somewhere.we finally dropped into my friend's place where we had a pretty good time watching the movie "my best friend's wedding".after the movie we hopped on to a newly started restaurant and helped ourselves with some mouth watering dishes.then after waving them goodbye i cameback home sister's board examination starts tommorow so i have got to help her out with some examination tips.i was so sure that england would win the match against aussies but to my shock and dismay england lost to aussies.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

i went to college to attend the unix lab session and had a pretty good time with the computers.well my proffesor told me that i missed my s grade in the last semester by one mark.pretty bad ehhh!!!.then i attended my dance session which was not too interesting.i was watching the match between aussies and engaland and to everyone's surprise and delight england is on the upper hand.
boy!!!!!!!! india pulled off a wonderful victory against pak.well i know i am a little late in posting this message but as the saying goes something is better than nothing.i watched every ball bowled and every run scored in what has been termed as the best match so far in the pool matches in the world cup.saeed anwar had knocked a wonderful century and this made the task of run chasing all the more tougher.the innings of sachin tendulkar the batting maestro sealed a place for india in the super six.if not for the cramps he would have added yet another century under his was the much awaited match given the political scenario between the two countries it was considered to be a clash between the two countries.sachin holds the hopes and aspirations of a nation where the game is not just another sport but is considered to be the nation's past time.sachin is a hero , a role model for millions of indians and he rose to the occasion to give india a sweet victory.i burst some crackers and did a post match analysis with my dad .

Saturday, March 01, 2003

i went to college to attend the electronics lab session and boy!! my proffesor was in a very good mood and it helped my cause to finish my experiment.i also received my electronics lab assessment paper and i had scored 89/100.the match between india and pakistan is going on .the indian bowlers were not at their best hopefully our batsmen can pull off a victory.