Sunday, March 02, 2003

boy!!!!!!!! india pulled off a wonderful victory against pak.well i know i am a little late in posting this message but as the saying goes something is better than nothing.i watched every ball bowled and every run scored in what has been termed as the best match so far in the pool matches in the world cup.saeed anwar had knocked a wonderful century and this made the task of run chasing all the more tougher.the innings of sachin tendulkar the batting maestro sealed a place for india in the super six.if not for the cramps he would have added yet another century under his was the much awaited match given the political scenario between the two countries it was considered to be a clash between the two countries.sachin holds the hopes and aspirations of a nation where the game is not just another sport but is considered to be the nation's past time.sachin is a hero , a role model for millions of indians and he rose to the occasion to give india a sweet victory.i burst some crackers and did a post match analysis with my dad .


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