Thursday, March 20, 2003

THE WAR IS ON, FLOODING in my brain with hundreds of question.did the divinity above us give the great united states of america a green signal to go ahead and wage a war against what one would disparagingly call iraq???. in the name of disarmament u.s.a invades the ill fated iraq.wait !!!!!!!!!!1. isn't something wrong somewhere.wasn't it the very same america which dropped an atom bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki.doen't this prove which country is more liable to misuse weapons of mass destruction.i guess bush has so much money in his ministry that he wants to spend a little of it by throwing in a few bombs at afghanistan and a few more at iraq.
ohhhhhhhh god are you watching this.
but i should say this there are some people in iraq who want to see saddam going into exile.


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