Wednesday, April 30, 2003

media, jounalism, reporting….& ethics
as I read through some notes in my preparation for the assessment exam in principles of journalism ,I came across some shocking piece of information, that made me to sit and think about the whole concept of media and reporting. It was about a newspaper, which published an increased death toll in a communal clash for sensationalism and also about further debates on how ethical it is. It made me wonder whether the media has any emotions attached with it, can’t anybody think about the grieving and shattered families of the victims rather the contemplating if the no. of casualties amounted to 50 or any media organization personal assistants of lord yama ,that they can take away some more lives just for an increase in circulation. can’t the hard hearted media never understand that death is not a mere numbers but the very end of our existence .

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Uno student
I happened to read an article in reteurs newsmail about a school in an island which was closed because its only student didn’t attend the class . only student!! Yes, the island has just one girl studying in primary and since the girl’s parents decided to get her out of the school,the school was closed.can’t imagine studying in a school with no friends ,no classmates,no wonder the girl is not continuing her schooling

Friday, April 25, 2003

crowding of assessment exam
next week seems to be full of exams and I have got to start preparing for it.i will have to synthesize and use more effort and energy to prepare for my videography exam to stop my dismal performance in the subject.i was supposed to have given a talk today,but due to various reasons it was cancelled or rather I didn’t present it.
sloppy side of a floppy
if there is anything that one should not trust ,it is the floppy.i bought in a new floppy to load my power point presentation, only to find the floppy betraying me on the day of the presentation.luckily I had roped in along another floppy as backup and it saved the day for me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

kudos to deutsch vasis
I happened to see a documentary in bbc world by nick fraser on joschka flescher ,the foreign secretary of showcased some of the most dramatic periods of germany’s history and german being the language in which I am specializing in, the programme was of great significace to was heartening to see that germans valued the peace as the basic necessity of life at a time when u.s.a is on a war crusade.if more countries shows vocal support like germany , I guess the world would be a peaceful world to live in.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Michael Schumacher finds his magical touch as…..
Ace formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher won the san marino grand prix just hours after his mother’s death on Sunday.Schumi with his victory moves ahead to the 3rd
position in the driver’s championship points tally .the fin kimi raikkonen continued his wonderful performance this season earning a podium position in all the 4 races.for more information log onto espnstar
a mind blowing weekend
all of a sudden I seemed to be pre-occupied with one work or the other .i grazed the net to find food and fodder for my electronics and English assignments.i finally finished my work today to my mom’s,sister’s and my computer’s delight.i had to do a presentation on the topic “music in India” and I struggled my way across many hurdles to complete this mammoth task[a little exaggerated though].i have to now work on another seminar on the topic “cameras and monitors” which I would present on Friday along with two of my class-mates and my class representative.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

fisichella lifts the cup
i know the news about giancarlo fisichella lifting the cup is a stale one but just as the saying goes "better late than ever" , i thought i could post it.i have this deep fascination for formula 1 and motor bike racing and this essentially made me to write about the f1 grand prix.i didnot watch today's qualifying session but i look fwd to tommorow's race.hoping schumi would find his magic touch soon, who knows tommorow might be his day.
some loud thoughts on blogging
i have come to certain conclusion about my style of blogging after some very deep thoughts.i learned from my neighbour that one hr connection to the internet accounts for 20 calls and this seriously reduced the time i spend in browsing the net.i have completely lost interest in just writing few events that happened to me in the course of the day in my blog and now i have decided to follow the foot-steps of some of my seniors ,to start putting to use the blog effectively.i am now going to post some very constructive information about indian politics,sports,entertainment.this could probably be my first step into the complex world of journalism.well. for those who read my blog [if any], you can expect my blog to be updated after every 4 or five days.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

poor time management
i wrote the script in such a great hurry that i made my dad drop me at the college today!!.i have a chart pasted in all the rooms in my house which reads like "postponement is the worst enemy of progress".alas nothing seems to make me complete my work in time.i have now added one more line to chart stating "to be practisced"

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

the rough & tough chola puri
I took out my sister to a fast food restaurant “hot chips”.we took in a comfortable seats just overlooking the main road.we both decided on “chola puri” on my recommendation.i felt very proud b’cos this was the first time I was taking my sister out to a retaurant on my own and all of a sudden I behaved like my mom taking in full responsibility.i served my sis the big chola puri and we started to eat only to find that the food wad tougher than the ‘rough & tough’ jeans.after a great struggle I managed to finish my poori and half of hers .it was rather a sad debut for me , nevertheless there is always next time.

Monday, April 14, 2003

family 2003
after a long discussion on where to head to, i finally landed up in a consumer exhibition "FAMILY 2003" with my dad,mom and expected the place was overflowing with customers and sales-person .i just kept peeping into all the stalls to find if anything was of interest to dad stood before the thompson stall and rather curiously i asked him if he intended to get a new t.v set and he pointed to one of the flatron t.v in which the film enter the dragon was played and i understood what he mom stopped infront of a stall where , i should say a smart sales man was demonsterating his company's new product "popcorn maker" and i was impressed with the gadget and so was my mom but after the demo. she said thankyou and walked off and the salesman was rather very upset b'cos he was convinced that he had impressed her.sadly though he didn't

Sunday, April 13, 2003

365 stories of bible
my late ‘chinna’ grandma[my grandfather’s younger brother’s wife] gifted me with a book titled “365 stories of bible” 7yrs back and it is one of my treasured has simplified the bible and helped me understand the evolution of life from ‘the birth of adam and eve ‘ to the birth and evolution of “Jesus Christ”.i ran through the book today to collect ideas for my script writing assignment but I couldn’t come up with any.i guess would have to read it again.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

claw's power
i have the compact disk for the game claw and when i start playing it i forget all my work and worries and i seem to give in 100% while playing's actually an old game in the market but still hold its popularity.more than me it's my sis who gets involved inthe game.i have crossed the 7th level and currently i am playing the eighth level called "the shipyard".

Friday, April 11, 2003

sleep has now become synonymous with me for my parents think i sleep and sleep and only sleep.i regretted this a lot and tried changing it but to no vain and then i happened to read an article about sleep cure in reader's digest and boy am i not happy about it !.it said that a good night sleep can help you fight obesity,diabetes and even heart related diseases.well then good night, got to go to bed.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

ordeal in my odyssey
this was the topic on which i wrote my final sctipt writing assignment.i had to jot down all the problems i face in the college.i couldn't come up with any specific problem and this surprised me because i always seemed to face one prob or the other.on further thoughts i realised those problems which troubled me was because of my department unstability and not the campus as such.i only hope i finish my five yrs without any trouble.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

my mom and sis have made a trip to megarai a very small village near kumbakonam and this essentially made me to take full responsibility of the house.i seem to have taken this seriously that i even ended up buying vegetables , taking in all the phone calls , settling in money with laundry man.....oops lot of work , now i truly understand how difficult a job which many would disparagingly call house-keeping is.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

reuters journalist killed
a reuters jounalist covering the war was killed when an american missile landed on the hotel occupied by journalist.this just goes a long way to show how dangerous a job is being a war correspondent.more abt the inncident in reuters

Monday, April 07, 2003

formula 1....
my favourite formula1 driver michael schumacher lost the race in the brazilian grand prix as his ferrari skidded off the track.rubens barrichelo's tryst with badluck continues as he failed to complete the race due to engine failures amongst cheers and support from his home crowd.finally it was the fin kimi raikkonen who finished 1st in the podium followed by fisichella and alonso .hope schumi is gonna be back to compete for the championship title

Sunday, April 06, 2003

in the name of fun ...
there is a video games section in the theme park about which i had mentioned in my last have to pay Rs.5
to play any game and once you finish playing it , you can collect some proportion to the no.of coupons collected you get a gift.this is the simple strategy followed by the theme park to milk money.out of mere temptation i bought in coupons for Rs 30 and i got a chess board worth Rs was then that i realized, how foolishly i had let go of the hard earned money of my parent's in front of my eyes.i vowed never to play any game which involves money or resembles gambling.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

little red riding hood's trip to mgm dizee world...
i left my home at 10.45 to mgm dizee world with my mom,sis and friends residing in my appartments.the sun was beating down on us but nothing could deter our spirits.i will explain my odyssey in the theme park in detail in my next post. i am dozzing off already , hope to regain all my energy to attend the class tommorow.

Friday, April 04, 2003

mercury rising
the chennai summer has started with a bang ,making every living soul sweat. the maximum temperature during the day time is 38 degree celcius and it's gonna touch the 40 mark in week .water melons have already occupied their coveted place in the fruit market.i was hoping my semester would wind off quickly but to my dismay , my exams begins only on may 13th and i can imagine a picture of a roasted chick with a book in hand in the middle of the desert.
it is a student's favourite assignment and a proffesor's worst nightmare?!!!!!!!!!!!!.i am talking about the feedback form in which a student grades a teacher on various aspects ,from his clarity in delivering lecture to his punctuality in coming to the class .i graded my german proffesor to be the best and the worst to ....?? i hope it serves the purpose of getting good eduation from good teachers.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

shop babe shop .....
after a long time , i had a holiday and this essentially made me to rise from my bed very late in the morning. i hopped onto a share auto along with my mom and sis and off we went for shopping....we landed up in naidu hall and we purchased two sets of salwars for a very nominable rate.then i started my favourite thing in t.nagar , peeping into all the platform shops and boy i had a wonderful time.none can beat the variety and glitz of the platform shops , only f the vendors could take a break from calling out " enga vanga amma , super quality , iddhu guarantee ".

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

ethics of journailsm
this was the topic of the seminar which i attended at the max muller bhavan , a german counsalate.i reached the seminar hall at 6:40 with my friend only to find the hall packed more than its capacity and resulted in us standing for nearly an hour.i found it to be too boring b'cos i couldnot make any ense of what the speaker was trying to convey.on the way back home i boarded an auto with four of my friends and the auto not bearing the weight , the tyre got punctured.finally made it safely back home.