Saturday, May 31, 2003

embedded journalism-its objectivity
I watched a programme in bbc world about embedded journalism where the objectivity of reporting with the soldiers were was a very educative one since I learnt about objectivity in reporting an event in my principles of journalism class.some leading newspapers like the guardian felt embedded journalism could bring out the human interest in a story.i was not able to clearly understand the final verdict presented by the anchor about embed journalist.i was surprised to see a journalist form al-jazeera embed with American troops.some of the embed journalists who were interviewed felt that ,there were times in the war when they were not granted the full freedom to report their views on it . i am interested in war journalism and have read a couple of books about war correspondants and war reporting.the prog. Was definetly very useful for my studies even though I never clearly understood the final judgement.

Friday, May 30, 2003

good old memories
the end of may is fun time for school kids as they go about buying school bags,water bottles,shoes and books and just everything to prepare for the academic year.when I went to t.nagar today to buy shoes and couple of other things for my sis ,I was reminded of those wonderful years when I was in school and would go with dad,mom and sis in the bajaj cub to bata where my dad would ask hundreds of questions for buying canvas shoes.then we would head on to witco where after hours of searching and probing we would pick up a school bag over which my sis and me would fight about whose is gonna take which colour.then when the schools issue books ,I would rush in get all the books cover and dress them up in brown sheets ,label them and finally arrange them in a neat manner in shelves.those days were real fun and I would always carry the wonderful days I had in school forever with me.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

cook to fire
I made a visit to the local library after a long period.i had made up my mind to borrow any of Robin Cook’s medical thriller but since I had finished reading most of the books in the series I was on the lookout for john grisham’s “pelican brief”,that's when my eyes caught “wings of fire “ an autobiography of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul am currently reading the book by the man who has always fascinated me and since he is from tamil nadu and also since he was a proffesor at my university I have a feeling of an unknown and invisible connection with him.
archs day out
I headed on to the university to return the borrowed books from the libraray with mom and sis.then we marched to the leisure store odyssey and bought a couple of gifts for my dad and friends.finally we rounded off the outing with a sumptuous meal at the hotel sangeetha.the heat waves were beating the hell out of me this inspite of the fact that agni nakshatiram is over.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

visited taj mahal
yep,that's right,i visited taj mahal put up opposite to marina beach.the mamoth setup of taj mahal by zak was really fascinating and was in perfect tune with the real wonder in agra.the most stiking similarity was the polluted lake nearby the replica, which was like yammuna to the real taj.after a few snaps, i headed on to the numerous stalls put up in island grounds with mom,sis,aunt and a good old or rather young 3yrs old friend of mine.i bought this,blue jelly which can be filled into pots of the potted plants to add glamour to was a wonderful way to spend a summer evening with the sea breeze teasing past my hair and my mouth tiredlessly munching pop-corns.
remembered that i forgot to....
finally i seem to have completed all the exams that i am supposed to complete this semester.unlike the last semester i was able to complete my experiment and obtain agreeable results much to my delight.i came back home and was planning to visit my grand parent's place tommorow when i remembered that i forgot to return the libraray books that are due to be returned i have to go back to the college all the way.i guess my university can't bare to exist without my presence in it.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

my college at no.10
india today has been bringing out editions which carried some interesting and serious surveys.the latest is the ranking of colleges in india.the college where i study is ranked at no.10 in the country in the engineering division while IIT's have notched up the top positions. loyola and madras christian college both in chennai have taken top honous in arts and science respectively.
i was awarded a schloarship by my dad's employers under the schloarship scheme for employee's childern.the chairman handed over the certificates and it was an hour of honour for me and a pride for my parents as we posed for the photographer.
family get together
yesterday after a 3hrs guelling electronis lab session ,i went to my aunt's place to meet my cousins.the elder one has come down from b'lore on the occasion of her 1st wedding aniversary and the younger one from mumbai.i treated myself to a sumptous afternoon meal complete with payasam and was fun to be together after a long time with your loved ones.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

the tuxedo -> a tax-e-do
i watched the movie "the tuxedo" because i sort of like jackie chan's movie.i only watched the movie half way through when i decided enough is enough ,i am not going to watch it any further.the print was horribly bad and the story didn't have a good plot.the tuxedo was rather taxing to watch so i have renamed it as "the tax-e-do".

Thursday, May 22, 2003

when i went shopping....
oops i forgot to bl0g about my new house.last week my parents bought our neighbour's house which was for sale and we are combining ours house with their's.there are certain renovations to be done and once that's over my room would be shifted to the new house.i went shopping today with dad,mom & sis.we bought few coir matress and decorative lamps.just on our way out from a shop by the name "shop style" we bumped on to a funiture showroom.we entered it and to our amazement we found most of the furnitures being sold at half their original prices because they were shifting the show room to a new locale.there was this huge three seater sofa covered with a red rexin that caught my eyes.since we were in the look out for a new sofa set ,i showed it to my dad.he too found it to be too tempting and finally after some thoughts we purchased it.
this,that and just about everything
i have chalked out plans to make my hols worth spending every moment after a dull semester.after the exam was over yesterday i went to attend the b'day party of my high school proved to be a great way of starting my hols since i met my school mates after a long period.we shared our experiences in the college and i found my friend anu's story to be the most interesting of all.she is studying in a medical college and she went about explaining her lab classes where she cuts liver,veins @$!%#/@& just about everything.i rounded off the evening by watching the film "bollywood and hollywood".though i watched the movie in december in theatre i found it to be still captivating b'cos of the songs and humor.
i am back
my end-sem exams were over yesterday and that essentially means beginning of hols and fun but since i study in a department born to be different and strives to be different,i have to attend a practical exam on 27th of this month.though the exam is no big deal but it is coming in the way of my mom planning for a vacation in my native place in tanjore.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

windies get the wind out off aussies
finally there seems to be some hope in the cricketing arena to beat the formidable aussies,after an historic win by west indies in the final test matchof the was great to watch a fanatastic run chase by the windies creating history.the look on the australian players faces told the story and this experience of losing ,i guess is something new to most of the players in their team.kudos to lara,who was declared the man of the match, for pulling off a wonderful and well dserved victory .
alex zanardi,the former F1 ace made a remarkable comeback to the racing circuits after losing his legs in a cart race 20 months ago in was an emotional sight as he completed the remanining 13 laps in a specially adapated car.the inccident is still livid in my memory as it was around this time that i really caught up with rest of the world into the exciting and invigorating formula 1 racing.i can recollect reports in newspaper about the accident and about the months he was in is really inspiring to see the remarkable comeback of an remarkable man.

Monday, May 12, 2003

tamil nadu at no.6
i was eagerly awaiting to recieve the latest issue of india today to find where my state was ranked like a 12th student waiting for the exam results to be published.though i knew goa had grabbed the numero 1 position from watching news in headlines today,i wanted to see how well tamil nadu had fared .i was expecting it to have secured a higher rank, neverthless ,no.6 is no less a position to reckon with.i would analyse the basis on which ,the states were ranked after the exams are over.for more deatails log onto india today
matrimonial websites
i helped my grandfather register my cousin sister's profile in few matrimonial websites.with the advent of internet,traditional way of seeking a partner seems to have declined.i was amazed to find so many sites offering the service and most of them come free and they look likely to provide good service too.people now prefer these sites,than advertising in a newspaper because of the cost factor.the only glitch is the authenticity,i will recommend these sites if my sis is goona find a suitable partner.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

end semster exam preparation
yesterday was the last working day in an uneventful,dull second semester in the end sem exams are to begin on 13/05/2003.i don't have any study hol. before my german,script writing and videography exam.most of today's morning went off in my quest to write a letter in german as a part of my prep. for the exam.i am now struggling to concentrate and prepare for my exam and whatever i study seems to be flying past my head and not into my brain.i have to give in my best.hope i finish revising thro' all the subjects and score some decent marks.

Friday, May 09, 2003

just as I was humming “endrendrum punagai” from ‘alaipayuthey’ while riding my two wheeler and coming back home from college ,a hand popped in front of me.first taken aback , I applied sudden breaks,then I came to realize that it was a traffic police man who stopped me to check for my liscensce .i pulled out my liscensce and showed it to him with an air of pride just like FBI agents showing their identification cards.he then started interrogating me with questions like “your helmet looks old, is it yours or your dad’s”.i found this an unneccesary waste of time.don’t know if he was kidding with me !!??!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

headlines today
i am not talking about the news channel headlines today but about all that happened to me in the college today which are worth the morning i rushed to my college and entered the class just in time to attend the principles of journalism my amazement i asked my proffesor some questions about defamation and in the process we discussed about the news channel headlines today.she termed it as a channel for kids like me.i was wondering what made her say 'kids' like was followed by the electronics class ,where i presented a small talk on the topic "cameras and monitors".the day finally rounded off with english lab session which did not go all that well.i returned home and treated myself to sambar rice from saravan bhavan.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

helmet has arrived
after watching me drive my sunny in a wonderful way[sarcastic!!],my parents decided to get me a helmet.i soon imagined myself wearing ,the kind of helmet which is seen in the hodibaba advertisement.alas !!my dad had different plans.he had an old helmet with him which was sleeping in the cup-board till now,when he handed it over to me like a family dreams of a trendy looking one has gone, nevertheless i got something to protect my brainless head..

Monday, May 05, 2003

my life in the last couple of days
i haven't been able to blog in the last couple of days because of three assessment begin with i wrote my videography exam to my satisfaction and i hope i can score good marks to compensate for the dismal performances in the earlier exams.yesterday,i had end sem exam in unix practicals.i fared well amidst confusions and chaos in the lab.i reached home at 6.00 p.m after waiting nearly for an hour in the bus stop for the famed '5E' bus.this was when i missed my really smart,powerful blue coloured sunny zip which is now my lifeline for commuting to college.well,the day eneded on a happy note when schumi won the spanish grand-prix.
voice recording
amidst,all the confusions happening with posting messages in my blog,i type this.i went to the kotturpuram house of the head of department of science and humanities for voice recording along with three of my class mates.the department had roped in us to lend our voices in recording study material for the english was a rather good experience but the time we spent doing this was rather a large slice of a valuable monday evening with end semester exams fast approaching..
what's happening ??
i am blogging after quite some time and i type in a full paragraph and press the publish button only to find later an error message dispalyed "gateay timeout 501" and all that i was about to post vanished into thin air.