Monday, June 30, 2003

80 to 18 or 18 to 80
the door bell rings and in comes the flower vendor with a big basket full of white lilies and roses.she in a well rehearsed manner hands over the neatly tied flowers to my mother .she then narrated her poignant story to my mom,about how she was left to fend for herself and how much she struggles to keep her life ticking.this happens to be unfortunately the story of many old citizens in our country who like her have no kith and kin to lend a helping hand.the main reason for their sufferings is due to their old age,an age where they are dependent on others for their livelihood. So what can make a person live a happy life till the end and not fret about the younger life they had once lead.well mark twain has something to say here
Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen

Sunday, June 29, 2003

sports it is………
when I was reviewing the earlier posts of my blog,something which stuck me pretty hard was the fact that I seem to post more about the world of sports,is it because I don’t have anything else to write or I truly have interest in this field ???.well whatever be the answer I continue to write about it and I guess will always do so and hence sports it is…..this time around it is the fast paced formula 1.what made the race special to me didn’t have anything to do with the drama in the racing circuit but because my dad for the first time allowed me to watch the race from the starting grid to the post race press conference without switching over to the other channels.this was the first race he actually watched and he commented “this is the best race I have seen so far”.it must be a very famous win for ralf Schumacher to finish first in front of the home crowd in this week’s european grandprix.with the kind of start kimi raikkonen had ,none would have expected him to bow out of the race.after kimi’s exit I fancied a family affair in the podium for Michael and ralf that was when schumi had a tet-e-tet with the Canadian Montoya.ferrai hasn’t dominated this yr’s grandprix as it had last year meaning more stiffer competition for the constructors’s championship.the same holds good for the driver’s championship with schumi and kimi competing for the top slot.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

its sports and sports and great sporting actions
what better way can one ask to spend the weekend with wimbeldon moving onto the fourth round,formula 1 racing reaching summits with michael schumacher and kimi raikkonen vying for driver's championship and the natwest between england,south africa and zimbabwe.i seem to enjoy it thoroughly and want the excitement to continue on and on.

Friday, June 27, 2003

the lamp wonder
my dad brought home today a lamp gifted to him by his friend. initially, thinking it to be a showcase piece,we were deciding on where to set was then that my sis spotted a cylindrical button in its side.the piece is made of glass and has two horses carved out on the sides with a crysanthium flower carved in glass in the center .when we switched it on, boy !!!!!!!!!!!! we were in for a great surprise.the flower started rotating 360 degrees and it emitted light.the two glass horses too were illuminated.the amazing part was the music which played on automatically in sync with the rotating flower.since the flower is made of glass and also since it rotates ,it threw up light onto the ceilings creating different pattern and shapes revoling around the glass piece.we switched off the lights,to heighten the lighting effect and I should say,the living room resembled a dicotheque.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

coaches in couches or crutches
i flipped through the channels, predominanatly wandering between star sports & espn .first up watching the match between agassi and muller , then moving onto the cricket match between england and zimbabwe and finally rounding off with some football was then that it crossed my mind that in football,there is an equal amount of excitement off the field,it's the excitement generated by the over entusiastic coaches jumping around the filed.on the contrary,coaches in cricket are mostly seated in couches without any melodrama,but cautiously checking out the scores with duck worth lewis system.there have been a number of instances when i have watched scolari ,fergueson losing their temper.are coaches in football another action oriented character ,who at the end of the match might be the protagonist or the antagonist in this drama filled sport.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

grandfather's letters
i was cleaning the shelves in my new room-to-be when i came across a very old wooden box.after some pondering i found that the box belonged to my late grandfather.i tried to open it up in vain.i then took the box to my grandmom to see if she had any clue of opening the box.she did know how to open the box: simple ,she handed me the keys to the was then that it crosssed my muddle head that it was locked and hence i needed keys to open it.i opened the box and inside i found a stamp box,an ink pen,a watch and some sheets,all of which belonged to my grandfather.i took out the sheets and started reading or rather deciphering what was written in the paper.the first sheet was a letter dated 1968,more than a decade before my holy steps were setfoot on earth .it was a correspondence between my gf and his friend who was a M.L.A.i didn't get into the details b'cos my eyes caught hold of a small poster lying beneath the letter.the poster was about the arrest of coconut merchants in a small town called Arakonam dated 1972.i then had a shock in store for me:my grandfather's name was mentioned in list of coconut merchants who were arrested in 1972.i took the poster and ran across the room,to have it all explained.then my mom told me ,how my gf and his friends fought against the govt. for some rights and abt their arrest and the 1 week my gf spent in prison.huhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..the feeling of the letter in my hand transported me to the town of Arakonam in 1972,to the house of my gp.i could not imagine my gf being arrested and prisoned.the wooden box made me feel,he was there with me, much more closer to me.i always admired him,his patriotism,his love for plants and shall always look upto him.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

back to chennai
returned back to hometown after a tiring seven hrs bus journey from kumakonam yesterday.the good news is that,the renovation and colour wash work in my house is nearing completion and the sad news is that,i will have to wait for some more days before i could get a new telephone line connection for the internet.the journey back home was one of a kind for i carried 3 baggages of clothes and other accesories and one bag of 50 mangoes and lemons and other fruits.i still wonder how i dragged all the luggages from the bus to home all by myself.would soon post about the travel and stay in kumb.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

packing my bag
yep,that's right,am packing my bags and off i would go to the farms and lakes of kumabkonam,megarai and manarkuti to have a rendezvous with cousins and friends.i am starting off tommorow,in the wee hours of morning by bus.this essentially means that i would not be able to blog for another week,because from what i heard from my cousin there is no internet connection in their neighbourhood.trully writing,i want to be away from the fast paced chennai and the chatterings of the gizmos,that i would rather be away from the aunt has promised me to take me on a tour to all the temples and markets and lakes[obviously without water].i am very much excited about the trip and i lookforward to my jouney. when i am back,would surely blog about the trip and about some analysis,that i have worked on.
here i come kumbakonam,to bring u cheers and rain ,to make you green once again.
i am back
back from what,i trully don't know.i wanted to update the blog daily but my fate had just the opposite in store for pc is disconnected and is currently sitting in one corner of the house blanketed with newsapapers,sheets and whatever my mom could get hold house is getting revamped and furnished,that my parents decided to place the comp. in a safe corner away from the raw silk and sugarcane paints and varnishes and give it the much needed rest.i wanted to post about the all belgian final in roland gaross where hennin desevedly took home the cup,about the onset monsoon and just about everything around me.with the way the work is carried out in my house,it might well take another week or so before i get the internet currently using the comp. in my aunt's place.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

francois open
being a tennis enthusist i watched most of the matches so far played in the open.the best ones were the match between Andre Agassi and Coria;Ferrero and gonzalaz.i am now waiting to watch the cracker of a match between serena williams and justine henin hardene,one of the two players to beat serena this year.the sad part of the grand slam is to watch the two indians paes and bhupathi fighting it out on the tennis court as oppenents rather than team mates and well paes did emerge out with supermacy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i came across this sentence on my way to the temple ,in some place which i am not able to recollect,but the sentence is struck firmly in my read like this:love India or leave India
trip to sholinganagar
i visited the temple at sholinganagar with mom,sis and friends and had a good darshan.we then went to the temple of shiradi sai babha .finally we rounded off the trip with a splash in the tirvanmayur beach.i am dead tired after a very long day which started at anna university then to mount road ,back to ashok nagar and then to tiruvanmayur.huuuhhhh...

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

me turns aparna popat
after a long time ,very long time I hit the play area of my apartment complex with my sis and a couple of my friends for a good game of badminton. we played and played & boy!! I loved every moment of it. i now feel fresh ‘n’ fit.i was learning tennis for 4yrs in YMCA till my 10th grade but had to discontinue b’cos of after school classes and heavy syllabus. after my 10th grade I really didn’t get a chance to hit back to the tennis courts. i have nostalgic memories of those days which now seems to me like instances of the last century.i remember playing in the twilight with my marker who was a great source of support and encouragement for me . Because of tennis classes, I was physically fit and was a great athlete and a long distance champ in school. gone are those days and now even a 100mts run leaves me puffing and panting for breathe I am now in the process of reviving my old strength and stamina for the better.

Monday, June 02, 2003

renovation work
my house is in total mess with so many worker moving in & out polishing the mosaic another breaking a wall to fix a door.uh!!!.the electrician wanted to fix a new electric point and so the power was cut for quite some time leaving me to sweat it out in the sun’s unrelenting heat .with the way the work progressed today,I feel the it would continue on for another couple of weeks before our house wears a new look.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Montoya all the way
In an invigorating f1 race in monte carlo’s street circuit,Montoya won the grand prix ,followed by the ice man raikkonnen in a close second with the champ schumi finishing in 3rd.i was expecting the younger Schumacher to dominate the race,but a poorly planned pit stop and worn out tyres decided a different fate for the german in BMW Williams.the race leaves the fin still leading the drivers points tally. This race wasn’t exactly for schumi but the next one ,it’s definetly gonna be Ferrari all the way.i know it