Wednesday, July 30, 2003

visiting the dentist – a vicious circle
If I were to be asked “do you have any knowledge about other subjects or fields apart from your studies in the college ?”. I would answer without a wink “ohhhhh….yes,I know something about dentistry”.not that I graduated from a dental college with a degree in Bachelor of Dental surgery but because I have spent half of my life sitting in the adjustable examination chair with my mouth wide open that I kind of know what is what in a dentist’s place.fate had it that right from the time the earth was cursed or blessed by my birth that my mouth,jaw and the teeth were to be doomed.when I was as young as 6yrs old ,a cavity was formed and so got one of the 32 weak white pillars standing in the cursed cave[my mouth] to be removed.then when I was 10,I was told that I had to wear an upper jaw clip to have an uniform growth of both the upper and lower jaw.this was followed by braces and now it is root canal filling.i don’t know ,how many more such dental work I would have to undergo.initial visits to the dentist were nightmarish and painful but now that I am so used to it,I have taken a liking to my visits to the was all my fault for not taking care of the much neglected teeth and I paid a price.will have to be more health conscious archs….

Sunday, July 27, 2003

nail-bitting finish in the offing
i am talking about the formula 1 racing where the going is getting a lot tougher.with few more races to go schumi is hanging onto a very thin lead unlike last year when he won the championship with few races to spare.with bmw williams looking better as the season progressed and the finnish driver kimi looking more determined than ever to notch the top slot in the driver's championship,ferrari and schumi have a huge task cut out before them.let's wait and watch the rest of the races as they dramatically unfold.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

my last and first supper
today a beautiful four seater dining table joined the host of other furnitures in my house.this essentially ends the 17yrs of eating food seated on the floor. But theories and traditional practices show that the best and the fastest way of digesting food is to sit on the floor with your legs crossed one over the other.whatever be the theories I am now about to have my last supper sitting on floor.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

the clash of the titans
It was an evening to savor and was about 5.00 P.M and the sun [though in the process of setting] still shone brightly as ever .just then there was a very strong wind which blew across the streets and very soon the place was covered by dark clouds about to burst into rain.what followed this was a battle to own the place between the sun and the dark clouds.just as it started to get darker by the minute the sun fighting against the clouds seemed to get stronger.the street looked so beautiful and I don’t have any words to describe the golden colour that had bathed the trees and the roads and for a moment made me think that it was a heaven.never will I forget this evening which indeed turned out to be one of a kind.

Monday, July 21, 2003

to get to the promised land you have to negotiate your way through the wilderness.this phrase means a lot to me in the wake of increased presure and competition in the college .

Saturday, July 19, 2003

morning ‘n’ mourning
this is about my younger sister who is in her eleventh grade and who has a whirlwind morning schedule before she leaves to school. One day I wokeup to her chants about cockroach’s leg ,the next day about the viruses and the next about bacteria. A study would reveal that most of the students in her grade would have a morning schedule similar to hers. no time for a jog ,no time for meditation.this is due to the educational system in the state which aims in feeding as much information as possible to their minds , in the process curbing the scientific temper and reducing the brain as a storage machine, just like the hard-disk of a computer.where is all this leading to???.i believe the flaws in the educational system to be the reason for not producing many noble laureates from our country. a system should be developed wherein there should be a proper dose of academics and extra-curricular activities.some are born to excel in academics while others in sports or dance or is high time that the system is changed for the betterment of the nation otherwise there would soon be a bandwagon of students who would name E=m(c*c) as education=madness(callousness*crenellated).

Thursday, July 17, 2003

master mind INDIA
mmi is one of a kind quiz programme which is thoroughly proffesional and trully meant for the people who possess great retention capacity and a knowledge of almost everything to-be-known in the world.hosted by the ace quizzer of the country Siddharth Basu and telecast by BBC Worldhas always had me and my dad competing to answer questions in the general knowledge round.the location,settings and the format of the quiz makes it a wonderful package of the right elements for a show to make a mark with the audience.hey a fact.... 3 out of the 4 national champions of the quiz are women.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

my trysts with tamil
my mother tongue is tamil and I have been speaking this language for all my life and yet and yet I am not too good in writing this language.i never really cared about it but now I feel the consequences of my negligence in mastering tamil.when I was pondering the reasons for my failure to learn the lang. I came up with a couple of reasons.the first reason,I never had an attitude to learn the language because I found it to be far less interesting than the other subjects.just when I started to have a desire to know abt. Tamil my school introduced French as one of the lang.French being something new and different in schools then ,without giving a second thought I opted for college I studied german and so that essentially ended my formal learning of tamil in std. 8. there was never a moment I thought about a formal learning of tamil after my eighth grade until now when I really wanted to start improving my knowledge in the lang.guess would have to start learning from now on to catch up on those years where the word tamil never crossed my mind.

Monday, July 14, 2003

I am currently working on in three scripts,one is an interview script for audio lab 1,another one is a script for a sky watching programme in a radio,wherein I have a lot of editing work to do and the last one is a script on the topic “kolam” or “rangoli”.the last semester’s training in script writing is now helping me to think differently and pratically.

Friday, July 11, 2003

hallmark is one of those channels which telecasts some really appreciable films.most of these movies are inspiring real life sagas that makes you appreciate the essence of life.adoption stories,real life stories and the list goes on.they come as a much needed change to break the monotony of serials and game shows which are devoid of human emotions.the movie [children of the dark] about children suffering from xp [allergic to sunlight] for the first time made me think about the lives of these kids who cannot come out of their houses during the day.the last film that I watched was titled “run for the dream”,a real life story about an athlete who fights against all odds to win the Olympic gold in the Barcelona games.the script had a different tone and definitely made a strong and deep impact in my heart.these movies may not be a commercial blockbuster but they sure are movies worth watching.they are truly a hallmark.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

since i didnot have any lab sessions today,i stayed back home and chalked out plans to spend the day effectively.alas all turned upside down when there was an acute water scarcity in my appartment and since my dad happens to be the secretary for this year,i rang up my dad who was in the office and made arrangements for the water supply to my app.then when i decided to complete an assignment in the subject entertainment audio,the carpenters arrived to give a finishing touch to the wooden computer desk isn't a well designed one,so i had requested the carp. to modify it a little to pave way for a better access to the wires connected to the CPU.after he left my dad and me started the tedious process of connecting everthing back.i switched on the copmuter to check if it was working and since my day was destined to be bad,the keyboard didn't work.again we redid all the connections,only to find that this time the monitor was not working.nearly an hour passed before things seemed to fall into the right place.i am now dead tired and about the assignment ,god knows if i am gonna complete it.

Monday, July 07, 2003

sky watching
As one of the assignments for the subject audio production,we were asked to prepare a script about sky watching to be broadcast in a radio.I wanted to put myself in the place of the listener to get a better feel of what I am supposed to script and hence I carried few sheets of paper,a borrowed pair of binoculars and went to the terrace of the three storied apartment .unfortunately it was very cloudy and my eyes couldn’t pick up much but for a few hazy stars.just when I felt sad about missing out the ursa major constellation,the clouds started clearing away and soon I could spot more no.of stars.when I started scripting abt the constellation, there were small droplets of water coming down,yes it was starting to rain and before I could collect all the sky watching gadgets that I had taken on with me to the expedition the rain started to come down was rather a poor debut for my sky gazing exp.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

the blunder
my mom and dad left to meet my aunt who is a little sick and so I was given certain responsibilities to carry of them was to switch off the gas stove after 4 whistles from the pressure cooker.i settled down comfortably in the couch and the television had by now cast a spell on me. As I went about flipping the channels,I heard an unfamiliar stopped momentarily and then there was a hissssss..ssssssss.sssss again.i now knew the sound was from the kitchen.just as my mind was trying to find the cause of the noise I could smell something burning.I figured it out,it was the pressure cooker and in my complete trance I had forgotten to switch off the stove.i dashed across the living room to the kitchen and immediately switched it off.scared about the excess stream that had built inside the cooker I approached the cooker in a cautioned manner treating it as a pipe bomb about to explode,I slowly undid the spindle and out came clouds of smoke.i felt better to leave it as it was and rather wait for my parents to return.all this happened after I promised my mom yesterday that from now I would share kitchen responsibilities .so much so for my great wan’t until my parents retuned did I veer return back to the kitchen.we then loosened the lid and I heaved a sigh of relief after finding that the rice was not over burnt except for the bottom of the cooker turning into a rusty mom told me what would happened had I not switched it off for excess steam would have made the cooker burst.i have learnt a lesson or two and my mom sure would have learnt to never trust me with jobs like this one.huhuh……..

Friday, July 04, 2003

AXN’s India
My grievances goes out against AXN for its portrayal of India in the reality show the amazing race. true, India has some of the most badly maintained roads and a not to be proud of transport system but that doesn’t mean in anyway that the country is completely devoid of picturesque lands and lakes .the race which kicked off in America has the teams now competing in India in this leg of the race. I love the excitement of the show but sadly they no longer hold the esteemed position they once had in my heart. I would be a lot more happier if only AXN had chosen some of the most beautiful places like shimla, kodiknannal and all that hills and valleys that takes your breathe away.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

audio semester
this is how I would like to call my third semester for most of the subjects this sem seem to revolve around the concept of the director of audio visual research center lectured my class and he made me feel for the first time confident about the future of the course .he was clear and lucid in expressing his thoughts about the degradation of the radio as a medium and was very quick to point out that,the radio as an electronic medium can be used for many a useful purpose than what is been currently done.the other subject we dealt on was the entertainment audio and ironically the class just turned out to be quite the opposite of the name the subject proudly was really good to hear that Anna university is likely to launch a radio station in the avrc of the college.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

back to college
yep,that's right i am going back to college to take on my 3rd semester after a month's break.i hope and hope that this sem would be much more interesting than the last one which was over shadowed by some unpleasent happenings in the i would be off to college in the same good old sunny to the campus i love so much.