Wednesday, July 09, 2003

since i didnot have any lab sessions today,i stayed back home and chalked out plans to spend the day effectively.alas all turned upside down when there was an acute water scarcity in my appartment and since my dad happens to be the secretary for this year,i rang up my dad who was in the office and made arrangements for the water supply to my app.then when i decided to complete an assignment in the subject entertainment audio,the carpenters arrived to give a finishing touch to the wooden computer desk isn't a well designed one,so i had requested the carp. to modify it a little to pave way for a better access to the wires connected to the CPU.after he left my dad and me started the tedious process of connecting everthing back.i switched on the copmuter to check if it was working and since my day was destined to be bad,the keyboard didn't work.again we redid all the connections,only to find that this time the monitor was not working.nearly an hour passed before things seemed to fall into the right place.i am now dead tired and about the assignment ,god knows if i am gonna complete it.


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