Saturday, August 30, 2003

what's happening ???
i just now heard from sun tv that the TN Govt. has plans of building the secretariat in Anna university,the college where i study and the college whose name i proudly chant.though no concrete conclusion has been taken ,the thought of shifting the college to leave way for the secretariat is in itself shocking.first it was the queen mary's college and now it is anna univ.the college is a sprawling 35 acres green campus with the red brick buiding popularly called as the main building which houses the dean's office and my classroom too.the red brick building was built in the british empire with doors made of teak wood from is an ideal place for studies,reasearch and other educational training.i bet there are very few colleges which can boost of such historic buildings as a place for studies and learning.i don't want to leave the way!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

my thoughts
sitting in the balcony of my house fresh from an afternoon fiesta,with the monsoon clouds hovering around,with the intoxicating smell of paints and varnishes from my neighbour’s apartments ,I lookup at the vast boundariless skies and I think and I ponder and I question.question as I do about our existence,our identity and in the process of all this I fail and I fail miserably to understand the reason for digging our own grave.i think about the war,the deaths,the misery,the agony,the loss,the destruction and more.for me war in school days symbolised a thing of past and then in the year 1999 when I was in 9th grade I watched and witnessed the kargil war.then there was the attack on the world trade perceptions about the world and we as its inhabitants changed.from then on war ,battle-fields,armies,terrorism has filled our minds and hearts and that has made me possibly you and everyone think that the world is not a safe place to live in.
something that I have realized over the course of the last year is that the war is not new to our generation it has always been there much before our forfathers ruled the planet.[Assuming the great epic of mahabharta to be true]be it the war between pandavas and kauravas in kurukshetra or be it the new war against terrorism.the outcome has always been it a human tendency to fight against the fellow homo-sapien? And why haven’t we learned from history,that war is not an answer to peace ,that war is not a means of asserting one’s freedom and that war in no way can give what we want to achieve through it.India can never develop when it has to face two wars,the external war with Pakistan and the internal war between hindus and muslims .the issue of ayodhya has seen deaths of over 2000 lives and all this for a piece of land.the two groups of people who fight for the land claim to do justice to their respective religion if only they can stop and think that the lord they worship can never accept violence and death.the reason for war and the religious riots that has happened so far is because of our identities as an Indian or as a Pakistani or as an American or as an Russian or as an hindu or muslim or Christian.if only we can remove this fake but dangerous identity can we think of peace and harmony.there must be a corner in every person’s heart which says I belong to a larger community ,a community scientifically called homosapiens and that I shall live my life as a humanbeing to do good to my planet.i dearly hope that every living soul finds this corner soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

good-bye Pete
it’s the end of august and it’s time for U.S.Open.the same flushing meadows,the same arthur ashe stadium,the same courts and the same rules but something seems to be different ,something seems to be missing and something has created a void and then we sadly remember that the great tennis icon has bid adieu to the sport.pete sampras decided to call it quits bringing down the curtains to his star studded me tennis in earlier days of schooling meant pete sampras vs andre aggasi and will always continue to do so for that is the kind of achievements the two Americans have established in the beautiful game of a fan I was trifle unhappy about him not climbing atop to win a french open but his wimbeldon glory would definitely over shadow his French open woes.pete would be missed in the center courts of wimbeldon but the country he played for and his ardent admirers will always remember him.cheers to pete in honour of his successful career.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

schumacher and ferrari-kya huva
things aren't going well for michael schumacher and his italian team ferrari.the once dominant schumacher could all but notch an eighth position in today's has lost its lead in the constructor's championship to williams and schumi is hanging onto just a one point lead over montoya who inturn leads the fin kimi by a point.things are getting a lot hotter and now schumi's fifth championship title has become a question mark.guess ferrari has the best reserved for the end.let's wait and watch!!!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Indian victory
wow! What a match !!! every living Indian sports fan shouldn’t have missed it for anything in the was a salvage of sorts for the Indian hockey team which didn’t play as well as it was expected to .coming back from 2 goals to 4 against Pakistan to finish the match with seven goals to four was truly amazing.with so much of hype as is always when India and Pakistan play against each other be it cricket or hockey the team played with a lot of grits and guts.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

standing tall
in the long stretch of the beautiful eleventh avenue stands among many a tall buildings a rather old but majestic looking three storeyed apartment where I am currently put has the prestige of being one of the first few apartments to spring up in the predominantly residential area of ashok nagar.since my family shifted to this place when I was in the kindergarten I know every corner of this area.there are totally 16 flats in our apartments but never once have I felt them to be 16 different families b’cos we live together as one really huge kids we all went to the same school,same music classes and same pediatricians too…now we have all grown up and we have chosen different directions but that bond of living together for the past 14 years has nothing but grown stronger by the it was a get together of all the members to celebrate and attend the reception of a friend of mine who too came into the app. around the same time we shifted from aynavaram to ashok was so much fun and the group photograph of all the families of the app. with bride and the bride-groom made it all the more reminded me of the master card adv where three generations pose for a photographs.hey truly there are some things that money can’t buy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

indian hockey-a revival
things have started looking a lot brighter for the indian hockey team which has tasted success in matches held in the recent past and sahara coming forward to sponsor the team adds for more celebrations.the team has performed well in the ensuing champions trophy but for the match against host nation holland when it slipped from the jaws of victory.meanwhile i am now watching the match between india and australia so i better get going.hope it's an indian victory tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2003

truth,only truth and nothing but truth
well I wonder if people still visit my blog after my absence in the blogging scenario over the last couple of days.not that a sudden mist of laziness enveloped me to keep me away from blogging but because my internet package neared its end and died a sudden death.i am neither an internet maniac nor am I a person who cannot live without internet so that essentially ruled out cyber café.so here I am back and fresh to carry on something which I have always wanted to do…blogging.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

the last thing I expected…
when I was about to come outside my college campus with my friend in my vehicle we stopped with a jolt … and the sunny screeched to a halt…No it wasn’t a black cat running across the lane to bring me bad luck neither was I trying to avoid collision with another vehicle nor was it a student who carelessly crossed the road…it was a snake which slithered across the lane.if not for my obedient sunny I would have probably dialed emergency number 1066.when i came back home and thought about the inccident one thing that struck me firmly is the fact that the increase in number of snakes spotted in areas which are in noway a snake's habitat is because of a drastic decline in natural surroundings.we the homo-sapiens are solely responsible for this plight.i feel guilty...

Sunday, August 10, 2003

finally got the commenting system installed
after some pondering and initial flaws ,i have got it what are you waiting for,have your say...

Friday, August 08, 2003

results of second semester
the time 1.30 p.m yesterday and my good pal kaushi called me up to tell about the results of my last semester.when I replaced the receiver I was filled with anxiety and joy.the reason “I topped the class”.i scored 9.143 out of parents,sis were all too happy with the outcome but above all of them I was elated b’cos this thing of standing first in a class is coming after a long,very long drought.hey,meeru…thanx a lot for the card..

Thursday, August 07, 2003

my hindi speaking skills and chef maker
it has hardly been a week since I started my spoken hindi class and without exaggeration I can say there is marked improvement in my was evident when a non-english,non-tamil & only hindi speaking service agent came to my house to deliver a mini chef maker.i was able to converse with him in hindi and am very sure a fleeting smile passed his face when I used all the possible words I know in hindi to tell him to open the box and ask for operational instructions.he then started explaining me everything about the chef-maker in hindi and I would supplement him with a “hanhji”.how well I understood his instructions was very much clear when i got to eat chappatis my mom made using the chef maker under my able guidance…chappati biscuits[hard and crisp] was the end product.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

ethics in broadcasting
a course or subject which has anything to do with media would more often than not have a session on broadcasting ethics and mine was no exception for this was the topic we dealt with in audio production class professor was right in pointing out the vagueness in broadcasting codes set by all India radio.i would be understandably right in saying that most of the broadcasting organization don’t adhere to the codes.this brings to light one of the codes which prohibits any media channel to broadcast anything obscene.this leaves room for debate for where do you draw a line between what is obscene and what is not?if a channel overrules the codes and broadcasts something which can be clearly demarcated as “a not to be broadcast through mass medium” programme is the channel answerable to the law?.another one which could be interpreted is about it right to call the criticism of the Govt. or a person who has committed an offence and doesn’t deserve the place he/she holds as defamatory ?.this and much more are left unanswered ,if only a clear set of rules and an council is formed to set things right and put the codes of broadcasting in the right perspective.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

family outing
I had a wonderful Saturday evening outing with mom,dad and sis.we first headed to a crafts exhibition which had a very few highly priced handicrafts.just when we were about to leave the exhibition ,the rain god varuna poured out .it was a very short spell which could have hardly lasted for 10 minutes but the streets of Alwarpet already looked like a mini lake.i don’t know how the city is going to face much more harder rains in the months to come.we stopped next in rajamuthaiah hall in egmore to check out the family dad has this habit of paying a visit to any exhib. Which is put up in the city.then what followed was the same old story of mom standing fixed to the microwave oven and pop-corn maker stalls while dad glued to the television sets on display.finally after an hour of touring the stalls and loaded with pamphlets we left the expo.we rounded off the outing with a sumptuous dinner in saravana bhavan.the homemade mango icecream was the grand finale in what i would describe as a delightful family's day out.

Friday, August 01, 2003

I have joined a spoken hindi class out of desperation and need to know the national language.the results of the last semester hasn’t come out yet.the classes are going as per schedule and I especially like my audio production and audio presentation classes because it kind of involves case studies rather than traditional ways of learning about the aspects and history of an radio.unlike last semester i happen to stay back home on three days.