Saturday, August 02, 2003

family outing
I had a wonderful Saturday evening outing with mom,dad and sis.we first headed to a crafts exhibition which had a very few highly priced handicrafts.just when we were about to leave the exhibition ,the rain god varuna poured out .it was a very short spell which could have hardly lasted for 10 minutes but the streets of Alwarpet already looked like a mini lake.i don’t know how the city is going to face much more harder rains in the months to come.we stopped next in rajamuthaiah hall in egmore to check out the family dad has this habit of paying a visit to any exhib. Which is put up in the city.then what followed was the same old story of mom standing fixed to the microwave oven and pop-corn maker stalls while dad glued to the television sets on display.finally after an hour of touring the stalls and loaded with pamphlets we left the expo.we rounded off the outing with a sumptuous dinner in saravana bhavan.the homemade mango icecream was the grand finale in what i would describe as a delightful family's day out.


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