Wednesday, August 27, 2003

my thoughts
sitting in the balcony of my house fresh from an afternoon fiesta,with the monsoon clouds hovering around,with the intoxicating smell of paints and varnishes from my neighbour’s apartments ,I lookup at the vast boundariless skies and I think and I ponder and I question.question as I do about our existence,our identity and in the process of all this I fail and I fail miserably to understand the reason for digging our own grave.i think about the war,the deaths,the misery,the agony,the loss,the destruction and more.for me war in school days symbolised a thing of past and then in the year 1999 when I was in 9th grade I watched and witnessed the kargil war.then there was the attack on the world trade perceptions about the world and we as its inhabitants changed.from then on war ,battle-fields,armies,terrorism has filled our minds and hearts and that has made me possibly you and everyone think that the world is not a safe place to live in.
something that I have realized over the course of the last year is that the war is not new to our generation it has always been there much before our forfathers ruled the planet.[Assuming the great epic of mahabharta to be true]be it the war between pandavas and kauravas in kurukshetra or be it the new war against terrorism.the outcome has always been it a human tendency to fight against the fellow homo-sapien? And why haven’t we learned from history,that war is not an answer to peace ,that war is not a means of asserting one’s freedom and that war in no way can give what we want to achieve through it.India can never develop when it has to face two wars,the external war with Pakistan and the internal war between hindus and muslims .the issue of ayodhya has seen deaths of over 2000 lives and all this for a piece of land.the two groups of people who fight for the land claim to do justice to their respective religion if only they can stop and think that the lord they worship can never accept violence and death.the reason for war and the religious riots that has happened so far is because of our identities as an Indian or as a Pakistani or as an American or as an Russian or as an hindu or muslim or Christian.if only we can remove this fake but dangerous identity can we think of peace and harmony.there must be a corner in every person’s heart which says I belong to a larger community ,a community scientifically called homosapiens and that I shall live my life as a humanbeing to do good to my planet.i dearly hope that every living soul finds this corner soon.


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