Wednesday, October 08, 2003

college musings
when luck finally decided to stand by our group…
this is kind of a follow up on one of my earlier post about audio recording.We are seven in a group and we were supposed to produce a musical programme. twice the recording was cancelled due to technical problems and non-availability of the studio and finally on one fine day we entered the studio ,our spirits as low as it can be. the first reason,the recording started around half past 5 in the evening and by this time we were exhausted after a tiring day at college and the second reason we never had any enthusiasm to produce a musical programme.with these thoughts we entered the studio and to add to our dismay the background sound track didn’t get recorded and so we started all over again.all that we wanted was to finish the recording for the heck of it.this is something which is not characteristic of our group because we strive hard and we are a determined lot…not this time around though.with the last bit of energy left in us we lumbered on and managed to finish the recording with no proper sound effects,no coherence and sound of giggling and murmuring were recorded too.needless to say,the programme was a mess or so we thought.the d-day arrived[yesterday]…the time for reviewing the recorded tapes in the class by our professor and we dreaded it .the first two groups whose tapes were played didn’t fare well and the third group managed a better show and then came our group.we listened to the tape with our heads ducked in under the desk,our ears closed and all seven of us apprehensive about the reaction of our class mates.the initial part of listening was over without any drama and then came the time to announce our grade.we waited with bated breath and there it was gleaming on the black board against our group number a “B-“.we were thrilled and we took a flight to the seventh isn’t a grade to be proud off but it is far better than the “E” or “F” we were expecting.guess something magical in our recording to make our prof. Grant a grade “B-“ .


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