Wednesday, November 26, 2003

sorrow survey

When we went to take a survey
To open up the gateway…

We braved the heat slogging till 6pm
To know what the ppl want from our new fm

Some winked & some smirked
But we accepted them and smiled

we spoke to the gypsies
and learned life isn’t always easy

we next stopped at the barber’s
who refused to give any answers

and on the way we met a vendor
and his replies made us wonder
why on earth did we take up this survey
that’s making us go crazy

but at the end of the day we knew
we had to work for our radio station
else it will have to bid adieu even before
its arrival at the railway station

Friday, November 21, 2003

what does ‘b’ stand for ???
pre-school kids are taught the alphabets and other words in common usage at least in our country as ‘a’ for apple, b for ‘bat’ or ‘ball’ and so on…this might be the case a couple of years back but not now…kids themselves will start saying b for bomb or blast…such is the frequency of reports of bomb blast from around the world and from our country. first were the series of blasts in Mumbai and now two blasts in Istanbul within the span of two weeks and today one in Aurangabad and in Kashmir ,do I have to say. what do the people who mastermind such terror attacks gain out of their inhuman acts. Is this their way of seeking revenge ,is this their way of asserting their freedom , is this their way of showing supremacy…and if you are wondering who ‘their’ represents, I will have to wonder with you for neither me nor you can clearly define the class of people who can be held responsible for such acts. there are far too many such explosion carried out by an equal number of terrorist outfits, that nobody can be separated out and is getting all the more complex as I delve further into this…but at the end of it all ,I know such incidents happened in the past, people debated over it , worried that the human race will destroy itself and our existence proved those theories wrong ,then came the 21st century ,here again people are fighting and debating on how bad war is and we worry this might see the end of human race and finally in the future when the present century becomes a past, there would be a new war and when that future becomes a past…where am I heading too…sorry folks…let me stop it here…the future can happen only if we survive the onslaught of explosions ,war and everything else happening around …

Monday, November 17, 2003

BMW Williams to Mc Laren
while jumping from one channel to another and finally landing up in BBC World to catch a glimpse of worls sports news, I heard that Montoya has signed up with Mc Laren for the 2005 season !!! was this in the offing???

Friday, November 14, 2003

semester holidays
finally the semester has come to an end with exams getting over,the first day into the month long hols was spent in vegetable carving.sounds weird…well,I was helping out my sis and mom in carving out lord ganesha using vegetables on the eve of children’s day competitions in her school An ideal vacation for me is to forget about anything related to college studies and spend that one month reading books ,catching up with good old school friends and taking time to sit and work out few things in my life. with all these plans, I figured out today that my hols will be spent between two internships. competition from the class and the race to grab a few certificates leaves me with no other option but to take these internships. ideally I would be better off doing some research or digging into books to equip my knowledge on the subjects which will help me in the future.let me not fret more abt internship,maybe something good might come off it.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

what is happening
chennai police team is searching for the editor and four journalists of the national daily ”the hindu” and the editor of “murasoli” following an arrest warrant issued by the Govt against the journalists for “breach of privilege”…what is happening? Am left wondering…the defamation cases filed by the present Govt. against the press went on increasing and in the latest development, it was announced in the tamil nadu legislative assembly to arrest 5 journalists citing an editorial published in march on the conduct of the speaker. having studied about the ‘principles of journalism’ am able to understand the proceedings of the daily and its stand on the issue quoting the act by the Govt. as a breach of the article 19 1(a) of the constitution which states that every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression. meanwhile journalists from around the country and the press guild have condemned the act taken against the journalists. am following the developments,will wait and see as the actions unfold…

Monday, November 03, 2003

what else could have gone wrong ?
my end semester exams started off today and I should add on ‘not a great start’. when this semester started back in july, I must have been the brightest object on earth ,beaming and shining and all set to take on the semester. new professors ,new subjects and I had every reason to look forward to a great semester and so it started and proceeded on and on and I was left searching for the fun I dreamt of…it didn’t come,let alone my wishes coming true ,it started taking a turn for the worse for I never seemed to perform.for this and maybe more untold reasons I wanted this semester to end.the semester did round off sooner than I had expected and the exams kicked off today and as I had mentioned so long ago ,a few line above it wasn’t a great start.the reason ,I never can complete a 3hrs paper in the stipulated time.i am very slow in putting my thoughts down to paper and if there is anything to compete with it for slowness ,it is the duration which I take to finish my lunch…nah…I don’t eat a lot ,am just slow at there I was puffing and panting trying to complete the paper with very few students left behind and because of my total mismanagement of time I ended up squeezing in three 16 mark answers in the last half can well imagine the quality of the answer.i have never felt bad for leaving out a question unanswered when I didn’t have any clue about it but knowing the answer from head to toe and not having time to finish writing it ,hurts...