Monday, November 03, 2003

what else could have gone wrong ?
my end semester exams started off today and I should add on ‘not a great start’. when this semester started back in july, I must have been the brightest object on earth ,beaming and shining and all set to take on the semester. new professors ,new subjects and I had every reason to look forward to a great semester and so it started and proceeded on and on and I was left searching for the fun I dreamt of…it didn’t come,let alone my wishes coming true ,it started taking a turn for the worse for I never seemed to perform.for this and maybe more untold reasons I wanted this semester to end.the semester did round off sooner than I had expected and the exams kicked off today and as I had mentioned so long ago ,a few line above it wasn’t a great start.the reason ,I never can complete a 3hrs paper in the stipulated time.i am very slow in putting my thoughts down to paper and if there is anything to compete with it for slowness ,it is the duration which I take to finish my lunch…nah…I don’t eat a lot ,am just slow at there I was puffing and panting trying to complete the paper with very few students left behind and because of my total mismanagement of time I ended up squeezing in three 16 mark answers in the last half can well imagine the quality of the answer.i have never felt bad for leaving out a question unanswered when I didn’t have any clue about it but knowing the answer from head to toe and not having time to finish writing it ,hurts...


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