Tuesday, December 23, 2003

back to college
after the semester holidays running for a month and more , my fourth sem finally started on 15th of this month. since then I really couldn’t find time to do what I like doing…blogging . so here are some info of this new sem.unlike other courses we do not have a preset syllabus, So we go into each sem mostly unaware of the subjects prescribed and this gives an element of surprise to our class at the start of every sem. For this term…we are going to continue to specialize in audio, so that essentially led to the inclusion of interactive radio, satellite radio, audio editing lab ,presentation lab and of course not to leave out computer networks and OOPS. One good aspect of this sem is that our transmission ready audio studio will start broadcasting programmes in the month of jan also there are also loads of other culturals coming up. We (laks, meera, kaushi and divya) have already started taking part in the competitions conducted by the literary club of our university with a good performance by our team in the first two stages of the tri-series dumb charades competitions. so lots to look fwd to this semester and yeah…lots to study.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

my first real earnings
I am not sure when, but my rather poor memory says that it was just after my milk teeth started falling that I first earned some money and money here in my case is nothing more than and nothing less than a rupee. I however remember clearly “that day way back in 90’s” when my eyes sparkled as my neighbour dropped a coin into my outstretched hands. I had drawn a picture of a boy wearing a cap, standing next to a cricket ball and a bat. This picture captivated my apartment friend [who was then 3yrs old] so much that she wanted it for herself…[who knows if she liked the picture or she just wanted to make the picture into a paper boat for playing in the rain water]…and me being very clever and in need of money for buying “lacto king toffees” charged her two rupees. Well the next thing I knew was her mom standing at my house with a rupee in her hand and if you are wondering how two rupees became one, its simple…I gave her a 50% discount because she was the first person in the whole wide world to give me confidence that am worth something. After that piece of art I produced to earn me a buck and after a drought of a couple of years more than a decade I earned some money…a good sum that too…the survey about which I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts fetched me 500 bucks…my first real earning…and here one part of my brain says “go archs…go to the bank and deposit that money” and the other part is already coming up with plans to use that money to buy a pair of sandals, a pocket recorder, a watch, a 400 pages notebook for my next semester, a pair of gloves and some more stuff…well I suppose I need to do another survey to buy them all …let me ‘soch’…

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

funny days
there are times when I feel I have completed all the work assigned to me in the world and in these times I sit back and think of some funny moments in my life and I laugh to myself. Though very insane it might look, I treasure these special moments which puts a smile on my face. here is one such incident from “my funny days”…
it was in school in the academic year 1996-97, when I was in seventh grade. the year was very special because I found a very good friend “nafi” and also in spite of being the most naughty class we won “the best class award”. Nafi and me were inseparable in the class and we were naughty too.she was academically inclined and mine had a lesser inclination towards the same, however we both loathed one subject called “crafts”. now narrowing down on one particular day during the crafts period…my respected craft teacher had asked the class to bring plain white clothe and needle and thread. on that d-day,off the 40 students in my class four did not bring any material she wanted us to bring and no marks for your guesses…nafi and me were two of that unique 4.so as a punishment she asked us to sit in front of the black board facing the class and behind her highness’s chair on the floor. happy as we were to escape the wrath of stitching,we eloquently made our way to the place showed to us by her.she needed no more than few minutes to find out that we were enjoying the punishment. clever as she is ,found a piece of clothe and needle and thread to keep us engaged and told us to stitch a flower using satin stitch. with no other option left we started about with our work.after a couple of rounds around the class and satisfied to see us slog with that stitching, she finally decided to take rest.Her highness was sitting right before us,very close to us almost as if the chair and we were glued together. we went on with our work and never bothered to lookup and answer to her questioning looks.she finally decided to inspect the work of the class and…and as she got up and moved forward so did the piece of clothe on which we were stitching,it was moving with her…it took us a couple of moments to digest the fact that we has stitched the clothe to her ‘saree palu’.initially I was giggling and admired our work and only after looking at the horror struck face of my friend did I realize that we were in deep trouble. we were clueless as to the immediate action to be taken to avert a punishment. soon the class was looking at us in amazement and my other good friends were laughing their hearts out. time was running out and she could leave the class at any moment.we had to act fast.we did not want to tell her and double up our craft misery.so we took on the last option and grabbed a scissors and luckily for us she came back and sat in her chair for some unknown reason.grabbing our chance, with a fine act and good precision we undid the stitches which came off easily thanks to our bad skills at it. we managed to get it off without much damage to her saree and all this while the class backed us up and watched our move very carefully.the mission impossible was successfully completed.as she was about to leave the class she looked at our white clothe which was still white for all that we stitched but for a few has to be taken off[u know why].she rounded off the class by telling us that we were not good at it and told us to practices before coming to the next class…and even before these word evaporated I was imagining myself stitching clothe after clothe to her saree.since that day, this incident is etched in my memory…my funny day.