Tuesday, December 23, 2003

back to college
after the semester holidays running for a month and more , my fourth sem finally started on 15th of this month. since then I really couldn’t find time to do what I like doing…blogging . so here are some info of this new sem.unlike other courses we do not have a preset syllabus, So we go into each sem mostly unaware of the subjects prescribed and this gives an element of surprise to our class at the start of every sem. For this term…we are going to continue to specialize in audio, so that essentially led to the inclusion of interactive radio, satellite radio, audio editing lab ,presentation lab and of course not to leave out computer networks and OOPS. One good aspect of this sem is that our transmission ready audio studio will start broadcasting programmes in the month of jan also there are also loads of other culturals coming up. We (laks, meera, kaushi and divya) have already started taking part in the competitions conducted by the literary club of our university with a good performance by our team in the first two stages of the tri-series dumb charades competitions. so lots to look fwd to this semester and yeah…lots to study.


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