Tuesday, January 27, 2004


It was way back in 1998,that Bajaj’s SUNNY rolled into my apartments and into my life. Since then it has become an integral part of my existence. My relationship with sunny is comparable to batman and his batmachine, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari, Wright bro’s and their flying machine, Amoeba and Pseudopodia…one cannot do without the other and now…it is archs and sunny. There are two distinguished people in my college who use sunny, one ofcourse is myself and the other is a scientist or that’s what I made out of him with his long hair and an almost always pre-occupied mind…But…But, the time for my good old days with sunny are coming to an end. Over the last few months , sunny’s efficiency has taken a severe beating…and so my parents have got me a new vehicle Activa(looks good ya…).sunny has meant so much to me…the wonderful morning rides with wind racing past my hair, the days when it over took motorbikes with ease and elegance or of the rainy days ,when most of the vehicles get drowned in the water,sunny sails through like a steamer…and more…all I can now say is “I will remember u for your services to me…good-bye to you my trusted friend…

Sunday, January 11, 2004

wind is blowing against me
oh yeah…finally, I remembered ...I have a blog!!!.
there are 101 things that I have to do and 101 things that I like to do ,unfortunately I do not have 101 hrs a day to do either of them. Pre-broadcast activities for our radio station, inter university Kabaddi match and studies have completely filtered out leisure activities from my life. I have really lots of interesting and funny instances to share but for that to happen it might take a week before which I hope to gather myself up and away from the current not-so-good phase of my life.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

i want to start this year on a happy note...so yupeeeee!!!
...to all the bloggers who took time to visit my blog,to my freinds, to other unfortunate netizens who landed up in my blog accidently...here's me wishing u all a very happy new year...may the days ahead be fun-filled and for chennaites, a water filled and for me and for ppl like me , a marks filled year.