Monday, May 08, 2006

its time to vote
i managed to get a few minutes before i head on to cast my vote, to blog abt it... and being a first time voter, am quite excited about the prospect of having my say on who gets to occupy the big chair. off i go... to cast my vote...adding in a miniscule way to the percentage of voter turnout in the metro...and in a big way re-affirming the fact that we are a democratic country.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Travails of getting an internship

Every summer, ever since i joined college, it was not just the heat, the power cuts and the humidity that came to haunt me, along with it came the travails of getting an internship. Its not mandatory for me to take it up but being in the media stream, the real lessons are learnt in the field and not in the class room. So year after year, every may we take our bonafide certificate and try to get someone to accomodate us in for a month's intersnhip. Invariably we are told "sorry! its all filled, why dont you try the next year"... fortunately sometimes, my profs help us out through their contacts and put us on to some project or research work. This year around, the heat is boring down, power-cuts even more frquent, humididty taking all the freshness out of my soul and also back again - the travails of getting an internship... i have the same good old bonafide certificate, which says that i am"........" studying fourth year electronic media is a student of anna university, only that the year is now 2006...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

fianlly...its over

the last day of my fourth year came to a close today... which signifies much more than hearlding summer means...that the project work which got the class working hard is done with...that am now moving onto my final year in college...that i have placement work this hols... that i should now sit up and decide on what am going to do the day after my final day at college. i know i can't escape the truth...that the day that i would be bidding adieu to my life at anna university is closer than ever before. i have mixed feelings about this... my interest to see the world, desire to experience new things has reached its crescendo...i really want to go out there...want to set out to achieve something big in life...and all this means leaving behind the college life and all the fun. More than my department, its little things like coming to coll in my activa, chit-chatting with friends, enjoying few lectures while despising the others and the best of it all, eating in canteen...oh these are so precious to me that i can't quite bring myself to beleive it could be all over very soon...and ofcourse my dear dear can i ever think of a life without them. i love them all so much...they mean the world to me...hmmm but as i well know, every stage in our life is a phase that you come to know of, expereince and move onto the next. its this process of moving on thats going to be the most difficult part. i have so much to write about... my campus, my friends, my miracle moments, my poiganant days...well here is my hols and all the time that i have been wanting for more than 4 months... so its going to be a blogathon through this out this space...