Monday, July 10, 2006

Sheeezzz....i have lost it or so i thought
There was a time...when i had an opinion about every sporting event happening in this it cricket,tennis, football or formula 1, i had something to write opinion, thoughts, ideas,strategies and more...but this has long since dwindled down just like the posts in my blog... My interest for the games remain the same, its just that perhaps, i have grown conscious of what i write and how i write it down...there is this mental rope which pulls me back...saying" what do you know about this game to give your comments"... but that rope seemed to untie a little today as i read through my earlier posts on just abt every other game, written in an innocent, free-flowing style...with an attitude of 'to heck with the world'...this is what i believe in...either read it and nod your head in agreement or just forget you read it...that confidence is lacking and the spirit is missing in me today to continue to do the same...but in my first earnest attempt in many months...i will try to write abt the sports as i see it...the sports that i have loved till date...the sports thats the reason for what i am today...


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